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Person of contact

Thierry Tacheny
Founder & CEO
Phone: 32-(0)473736498
Email: thierry.tacheny@invineo.com

Contact details

Rue de Thon, 67
Phone: 32-(0)81136000
Fax :32-(0)
Website: www.invineo.com

company profile

New products and innovations

Invineo is a real « one-stop-shop ». It combines four elements: 1) a great selection of quality wines that varies according to markets, seasons…, 2) an innovative packaging of 2 litres that preserves wine for 4-6 weeks after opening (without using gas), 3) a smart & connected Wine Dispenser that cools down each wine at its ideal temperature and 4) a Data Wine Service providing specific KPIs and recommendations.

Activities, products and brands

Invineo is the brand-new wine-by-the glass solution that preserves, chills, controls and serves every glass of wine with precision. The innovative “all-in-one” wine service for professionals of the hospitality industry increases efficiency and profitability through eliminating wine wastage and reducing costs.