Commercial and collective catering


Even though the green environment is one of its main assets, the keywords in the Walloon food sector are « quality » and « savoir-faire ». These qualities are found in abundance in the field of commercial and collective catering. Savoury or sweet, snack products for automatic vending machines, various types of culinary support... all bear the same stamp of professionalism and rigour.

Technically advanced producers

There is the exemplary quality of the raw materials. Then there is the creativity of the producers. But the green and natural landscape of Wallonia is also home to dynamic and open entrepreneurs. The majority of Wallonia's food industries - mass-produced prepared meals, conserves, frozen foods, snacks, etc. - are recent, equipped with modern machinery and with sophisticated infrastructure and logistics.

And quality standards amongst the highest in the world

The regulations governing the food sector are very strict in Europe and particularly in Wallonia. But this alone does not explain the quality of its products, appreciated well beyond its borders. The key to the puzzle is the determination of an entire sector that knows that its credibility and success go hand in hand with the level of quality.