Water and non-alcoholic drinks


The soft green of the pastures, the ochre green of the Fagnes, the intense green of the forests... Wallonia is supremely green. Under this verdant canopy run underground streams, secret rivers that bubble from crystal springs. All the better to slake our thirst for pure water, rich in precious minerals. All the better to satisfy our need for the fun flavours of authentic juice, freshly pressed from fruits bursting with flavour from this exceptional land.

A land of pure water

Wallonia is rich in preserved landscapes, fertile fields, perfumed orchards, green pastures and picturesque villages. This wealth is also « economic »: the region produces spring water and mineral waters with a reputation extending well beyond its borders. The natural quality of the raw material - water - is backed by the savoir-faire of those who supply, control and bottle this liquid treasure. Spring water, sparkling and still mineral waters, sodas, colas and tonics are only rivalled by the quality of the fruit juices from Wallonia's orchards. Your health!

Did you say mineral water?

« Natural mineral water » is water with a constant and stable temperature, quality and mineral composition. It also has remarkable properties for the health. It must be bottled at source, with no treatment or manipulation. « Natural mineral water » is a controlled label that undergoes a range of analyses by an independent certified laboratory. Not to be confused with « spring water » (eau de source) which must only be drunk at the source and has impeccable biochemical qualities.

Such natural stars...

Who has not heard of SPA mineral waters? A spring and baths with such a reputation that in English the word « SPA » is used to denote any reputed thermal centre. Bottled after a long underground odyssey, CHAUDFONTAINE water is both exceptionally pure and rich in precious balanced mineral salts. Deliciously pearled and salt-free, BRU is the delight of gastronomes and wine connoisseurs. Another undisputed star is VALVERT, rich in minerals but short of sodium. Some 300 million bottles a year are sold in 30 countries. The VILLERS MONOPOLE source is quite simply the water of gourmets...

Juices, syrups, sodas... the drinks of gourmands

Delectable fruits and the satisfaction of a well done job, this is the secret of the superb fruit juices from Wallonia. Pure water, selected ingredients, savoir-faire and inspiration... our syrups, lemonades, grenadines and sodas are all exquisite!