Delicatessen products


An exquisite terrine of « Truites à l'Escavèche ». A « Vol-au-vent de Poularde ». An unforgettable « Tarte Al'Djote ». A « Tête en Tortue » to make your mouth water... Whether made of fish, meat, vegetables, poultry or cereals, whether the recipe is home concocted or otherwise, delicatessen products prepared in Wallonia have one remarkable point in common. They are cooked with love, and you can taste it...

Wallonia - a land of gourmets

Wallonia, already rich in gourmet traditions, has « inherited" many recipes from the foreign communities that it welcomes. It is now possible to taste a perfect Lasagna without travelling to Italy as well as a « Tarte al'Djote », an aromatic « Tabbouleh » that is just as good as the « Terrine de Truite à l'Escavèche », « Toulouse Cassoulet » that has equal standing with « Bouchées à la Reine », a Chicken with Peanuts as unforgettable as the Goose « à l'Instar de Visé », and a Tiramisu as delectable as the « Tarte au Riz de Verviers »...

The satisfaction of a well done job

Unlike meals cooked at home, delicatessen products are obviously prepared on a larger scale. It all comes down to profitability. However, although this is often where things start to go wrong, in Wallonia we are lucky. Whatever the production capacity of the company, in (almost) all cases the work is done by hand. Those lovely little meals that you eat at home are cooked with love - and you can taste it!

Celebration dinner or a bite on the move... Bon appétit!

What would you say to a supper with friends dining on Suckling Pig in Porchetta? A candlelit dinner with Coquilles Saint Jacques, Turbot with diced vegetables and a Mousse aux Fruits des Bois? A quick but properly made supper of a tasty Croque-monsieur and a side salad? A buffet picnic centred on a Terrine de Poissons de Rivière, Foie gras de Canard au Porto or simple Boudins Liégeois? Don't hesitate to spend an evening, lunchtime or even the entire day treating your friends and family to the gourmand pleasures of Wallonia's delicatessen. Whether you order direct from a well known delicatessen or a Walloon producer of prepared meals, you will be in for a feast. Bon appétit!