Beers and spirits with character

A long history of love... and economic success!

It was much later that, thanks to the work of Pasteur in the field of yeasts, and the arrival of steam engines and electric motors, that the Walloon brewing industry acquired the economic and social (and gastronomic) importance that it enjoys today. Who would have imagined that beer production would rise to 19 million hectolitres a year, more than one half of which is exported as far as the United States, Japan and Australia ?

Beers to quench every thirst...

Although all beers result from more or less the same process - mixing water, malted and heated grains, adding hop and spices before fermenting and maturing - there are Walloon beers for all tastes and all occasions. White beers have a delicious taste of citrus fruit and coriander. The pure malt seasonal beers - to be drunk between 3 and 6 degrees - defy all attempts at classification and are treasured by collectors! Regional beers and Abbey beers, originally created by ancient religious orders, are now brewed by secular brewers. There are the divine Trappist beers, stilled brewed in ancient Cistercian abbeys, using the high fermentation methods with a second fermentation in the bottle. From the light white to the prestigious Trappist beers, not forgetting the seasonal, abbey and original local brews, Walloon beers have what it takes to lift the spirits of the most demanding beer lover.

... And spirits for all occasions

Genièvre, distilled from grain alcohol and juniper berries. Le Vieux Genièvre de Grains, golden and sublime. The many frangrances Pèkèt, the perfect accompaniment to so many popular celebrations. Maitrank, a love match between sweet woodruff, white wine and cognac. Sweet, dry and semi-dry or pink ciders, from the traditional to the most original, sometimes alcohol free, have conquered the whole world.