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Person of contact

Phone: 32-(0)474988894
Email: cedric@laboul.com

Contact details

Rue du Try-Bara, 1
1380 OHAIN
Phone: 474 98 88 94
Fax :32-(0)
Website: www.laboul.com

company profile

Main references

Galeria Inno, Krefel, Alinea, Ambiance & Styles, Culinarion.

Product range - Services / Brands / Markets

There are 3 designs in the LaBoul range:
IceBoul: an insulated container for ice cubes
LaBoul for 3L Bag-in-Box drinks
MaxiBoul for 5L Bag-in-Box drinks
The product comes in 2 finishes: shiny plastic or soft touch matte
It is available in over 12 colours.
Limited editions in chrome and metallic-effect complete the range.

Added Value

Our LaBoul range offers an innovative and dynamic way to serve drinks at the table, a barbecue, a buffet or in a restaurant.
LaBoul is suitable for all types of Bag-in-Box drinks and comes with an ice pack to keep your drinks cool.

Company history

Be Fun Sprl is a young company founded in 2011. It specialises in manufacturing designer tableware.
Be Fun is constantly developing and its products are already distributed in over ten countries.
The LaBoul range is designed to meet the growing supply of Bag-in-Box drinks.