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Person of contact

Henry-François VANDEPUTTE
Purchase Manager
Phone: 32-(0)56481931
Email: hve@vandeputte.com

Contact details

Boulevard Industriel, 120
Phone: 32-(0)56481951
Fax :32-(0)56491949
Email: cvn@vandeputte.com
Website: www.vandeputte.com

company profile

Company history

VANDEPUTTE SA is a family business based in Mouscron, Belgium. It was set up at the end of the 19th century. The firm limits its seed-pressing activity to linseed (around 100 000 million tonnes annually) to obtain linseed oil and its derivatives.

Added Value

Omega-3 for everyone and with ease! Linseed oil: tasty and healthy.

Produced from a first cold pressing, completely natural, without any artificial colouring or preservatives, linseed oil is naturally rich in omega-3. As is, or combined with other condiments, it retains its character and health-promoting properties.

From this starting point, Vandeputte S.A. has created Huile des Centenaires® (virgin linseed oil) and Olinéo®, a line of sauces, vinaigrettes, flavoured linseed oil sprays and spreads!

Olinéo®: a Belgian 100% artisanal line of products.

Products rich in omega-3, healthy and flavourful!

Product range - Services / Brands / Markets

Services: making healthy and delicious food available to all

Brands: Olinéo® - Huile de Centenaires®

Markets: Catering (caterers, events industry, aviation, railways, etc.), Gourmet foods (delicatessens, food businesses, early produce shops, butcher's shops, etc.), Food Service: Rest homes, schools, daycare centres, hospitals, etc.

Main references

Huile des Centenaires® : 100% virgin linseed oil, sold in metal tins with a spout (minimum 50% omega-3). - Packaging: 250 ml and 1 l tins.

Gourmet sauces always ready in your kitchen, a variety of sauces for all your hot or cold dishes (French fries, meat, vegetables, etc.). From the classics revisited to the most exotic: Andalusian, Scottish (Whisky), Dragonnaise (Bearnaise), Barbecue, Pepper and Honey, Aioli, Curry and Burger (all containing a minimum of 20% omega-3) - Packaging 160 g and 3000 ml PET bottles.

Gourmet mayonnaise : minimum 40% omega-3 - Packaging 160 g, 250 g and 3000 ml PET bottles individual portion 25gr.

Gourmet vinaigrettes ready-to-use to season all your salads without sacrificing taste: Shallots, Spicy, Fresh herbs, Caesar (all containing a minimum of 20% omega-3). Packaging: 250 ml and 1 l PET bottles.

Flavoured linseed oil sprays to perk up cold dishes, salads, carpaccios and tartares or to add zest to hot meat or fish dishes. (Flavours: Hot pepper, Boletus mushroom, Basil, Lemon, Truffles, Garlic) - (all containing a minimum of 50% omega-3). - Packaging: 125 ml.

Praliné spread made with linseed oil (contains no palm oil) : more than 10% omega-3!!

Packaging:300gr, individual portion 25gr.