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Phone: 32-(0)86434269
Email: info@bioferme.be

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10, Allée de Wésomont
Phone: 32-(0)86434269
Fax :32-(0)86434271
Email: info@bioferme.be
Website: www.bioferme.be

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Company history

La FROMAGERIE DES ARDENNES offers you a range of superior-quality organic products. The milk is supplied by local farmers and is transformed using both modern technology and traditional transforming methods.

Product range - Services / Brands / Markets

Organic cheese dairy providing the collection and transformation of organic milk into:

Soft cheeses:

With a white rind:

- cow's milk : Petit Lathuy, Léger de Lathuy, Cru des Fagnes

- goat's milk : Caprice de Chevron

- sheep's milk : Bergeval fleuri

With a mixed rind with cow's milk: Li P'titRossê, Doré de Lathuy

Pressed cheeses:

- cow's milk : Monastère Wavreumont, pavé Bioferme, Saint-Servais

- goat's milk : Chèvre de Wavreumont

- sheep's milk : Brebis de Wavreumont

- with 3 milks: Bioferme aux 3 laits

Soft white cheese (cow or goat),

Fresh cheeses (cow, goat or sheep),

Natural yoghurts (cow or goat) or fruit yoghurts (cow),

Fresh cream,


Rice pudding.

Main references

Walloon Cheese Competition at the Château de Harzé: Prize Harzé d'Or 2016 for the Caprice de Chevron