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130, Chaussée de Wavre
Téléphone: 32-(0)10841188
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Historique de l'entreprise

SWEETBEL ‘s sweets were owned during the 1930s by the chemist Missoul, who produced pharmaceutical sweets at the back of his pharmacy in Brussels. The sweets were very popular with his chemist colleagues and duly earned him an award from the “Société de Pharmacie d'Anvers” in 1934. After his death, the chemist Pierson, the manager of Ets Fabel-Maxenri, purchased the business and developed the production of pharmaceutical sweets.

Valeur ajoutée

Produced since the 1930s, Maltou sweets have retained their original character: premium quality sweets with pharmaceutical benefits. The raw ingredients used are selected with the greatest care, providing the highest guarantee of quality and ensuring greater respect for the natural flavours.

Available in 100g packets, they are generally positioned next to the tills in stores in order to encourage impulse purchases. Thanks to its unique concept, Maltou has established its position as the leading confectionery product in DIY superstores in Belgium.

Gamme de produits - Services / Marques / Marches

Building on its traditional foundations, the Maltou selection consists of two distinct ranges. Firstly, a “Quality sweet” range comprising all our traditional products: throat pastilles, hardboiled sweets, etc. Secondly, our “Fun 4 Kids” range that we developed to target the children's market in particular; this range, designed to appeal to the imagination of today's kids, consists of more “Fun” sweets such as laces, Dracula teeth, maxi strawberries , billibus, etc.


Brico, Hubo, etc.