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Person of contact

M. Mathieu CLOSE
Commercial Manager
Phone: 32-(0)499471010

Contact details

Courtil, 50
Phone: 32-(0)80643839
Fax :32-(0)80643880

company profile

Company history

Brewery founded in 2007 by Pierre Gobron (creator of the Brewery Achouffe in the 80's) and his two sons. The installations are in Courtil (Belgian Ardenne), in an old farm transormed into a microbrewery. The evolution increased since 8 years and the new buildings are already there, waiting for our new brewing installation, more powerful to answer a continual demand for Lupulus.

Added Value

The Lupulus is a true craft beer. It has the particularity to develop an unique and strong character, and in the meantime seem almost familiar, because the taste is very welcomed by the public. The beer has its own specificities but can perfectly offer a perfect equilibrium between all the ingredients, what gives a very drinkable beer, that you can enjoy on various occasions.

Product range - Services / Brands / Markets

Lupulus Blond Triple, 8,5% alc.: Ardenne triple Blond

Lupulus Dark, 8,5% alc. : Dark ale

Lupulus Hibernatus, 9% alc. : Winter beer

Lupulus Organicus, 8,5% alc. : Organic triple blond

Lupulus Hopera, 6% alc. : Hoppy pale ale

Main references

Honnor mention – Brussels Beer Challenge (Lupulus triple blond)