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Sébastien Fréderich

Contact details

Rue de Hainaut, 86
Phone: 32-(0)71121481
Fax :32-(0)71121481
Website: www.dalcq.com

company profile

Main references

Originally, DeJelin made products for the brands Siemens, Bosch, Kenwood, etc., adapting its production to its customers' needs and markets.
However, since 1989 the company has developed its own market, and has maintained itself since then in the area of technology and design. DeJelin bases its marketing on its history and experience, which are expressed in the quality of the finishing, the love of detail, the pleasure of discovering something new and the enjoyment and expert view of modern hospitality.

Product range - Services / Brands / Markets

The DeJelin steam cooker combines design and ease of use. What makes it unique: its double-wall system, which allows for an even distribution of the steam at all levels, just like in an oven. The steam cooker offers an intensive steam production (50 g/min., compared to 20 g/min. for all of our competitors). As a result, the food is prepared faster, and several foods can be cooked at the same time. In addition, the steam cooker is multifunctional, as it includes a ‘slow cooking' function (80°C) for food preparation at a low temperature, a keep-warm function (60°C), a yoghurt maker (40°C), and, optionally, a water bath (bain-marie). Moreover, it offers a wide range of accessories, such as, for instance: a porcelain dish, a water bath (bain-marie), a collecting container to prepare organic juice, a storage lid, an asparagus cooker, etc. The DeJelin steam cooker is exceptional because of its large capacity. It offers the possibility to use up to 5 baskets at the same time: this corresponds to a volume of 28 L.

Added Value

In answer to users' needs and following their requests, the company stands for high quality when it comes to design and innovation, using only the best high-quality materials. In this way, it is able to guarantee high-quality end products. For this reason, DeJelin is nearly the only brand that offers a 5-year warranty on its Made in Belgium product range.

Company history

DeJelin is located in Orp-Jauche in Belgium. It develops and produces steam cookers for private customers and for the Out of Home sector. Since 1989 the company has built up a good reputation through its activities in the production and finishing of household appliances.