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Person of contact

Jean-Marc CABAY
Director and CEO
Phone: 32-(0)87693551
Email: jmcabay@herve-societe.be

Contact details

32, Rue de Charneux
4650 HERVE
Phone: 32-(0)87693550
Fax :32-(0)87693555
Email: info@terredefromages.be
Website: www.terredefromages.be

company profile

Company history

HERVE SOCIETE is a family run company created in 1981 and situated in the heart of the Pays de Herve, the little Belgian "Normandy". It employs around fifty people and processes 15,000,000L of milk per year.

Added Value

HERVE SOCIETE specializes in Fromage de Herve, the only Belgian cheese bearing the Protected

Designation of Origin (PDO). HERVE SOCIETE is the leading Belgian producer of soft cheese (mouldy, mixed, blue rinds etc.) and produces semi-hard Abbaye cheeses.

Its goal is to combine traditional expertise with modern technology

Product range - Services / Brands / Markets

Herve cheeses PDO : Herve Société, L'Exquis, Les Beaux-Prés.

Val-Dieu Abbey cheeses : Val-Dieu, Casse-Croûte, Bouquet des Moines, Bleu des Moines, Délice des Moines, Grand Cru.

Specialities : Pavé de Herve, Bou d'Fagne, Fleur de Fagne, Trou d'Sottai.

Main references

Belgian large retail chains (all stores), Belgian wholesalers, exportation to Holland, France, Germany, Sweden and Canada.



PDO Label for Herve cheese.