Spices and condiments

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Person of contact

Phone: 32-(0)477594822
Email: moira.luisetto@grainesdecurieux.be

Contact details

Rue du Tronquoy 10
Phone: 32-(0)475392703
Fax :32-(0)
Website: www.grainesdecurieux.com

company profile

New products and innovations

LAND FARM & MEN was the first to establish quinoa and lentil cultures on the Belgian soil. Every year, the society LFM carries out trials of new crop with the aim of improving the conditions of the farming ground and diversifying the productions grown in Belgium.

Activities, products and brands

Graines de Curieux is a brand of products 100% organic, 100% Belgian and 100% innovative, belonging to the company LAND FARM & MEN. All products are grown organically in Belgium. Our aim is to support the Belgian agriculture and to develop the local economy while preaching for an agriculture which respects its environment. The farmers cultivate the products following our specifications fixed by the engineers' team of LAND FARM & MEN.


We are a certified organic company since our inception in 2014. All our products are therefore in compliance with the European regulation for organic production.