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Gauthier BIELEN
Email: gauthier.bielen@americanpop.be

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Chaussee Imperiale, 91
6060 GILLY
Phone: 32-(0)71577244
Fax :32-(0)
Email: info@americanpop.be
Website: www.americanpop.be

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Vegan, GMO free, gluten free.

Activities, products and brands

We are a manufacturer of various types of popcorn, from classic popcorn to sweet flavored popcorn to the alcoholic! We also manufacture flavored sugars for cotton candy and other sweet preparations. We also supply other products such as peanuts, granita flavorings, corn and various packaging in the fields of confectionery.

New products and innovations

Sweet, salty and alcoholic flavored popcorn. With tastes like love apple, raspberry, paprika, spareribs, mojito, amaretto, ...