Spices and condiments

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Person of contact

Christophe MOTTINT
Managing Director
Email: christophe.mottint@ansolive.com

Contact details

Rue Mabîme, 77
Phone: 32-(0)42473224
Fax :32-(0)42471882
Email: info@arcfood.be
Website: www.arcfood.be

company profile

Added Value

Since 1996, ANSOLIVE introduces an assortment of Mediterranean products with the main product being the olive. Our entire range is seasoned to the taste of consumers and packaged in protective atmosphere. An ultra-modern production unit and a quality control department consisting of 3 employees ensure high quality products.

Product range - Services / Brands / Markets

Olives, antipasti, sauces, Tarama, Tzatziki, Hummus, pestos, tapenades, dried and semi dried tomatoes, seafood, capers, Tapas, Olives's salad…

Main references

Mestagh, Cora, Aldi BE, Aldi NL, Coop, lunch garden, Monoprix, Lambrecht (Spar), Hertta, as well as wholesalers and importers.


ISO 22000:2005 - BRC V7 level A - IFS V6 high level