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Person of contact

M. Bart DERO

Contact details

1300 WAVRE
Phone: 32-(0)23660269
Fax :32-(0)23663539

company profile

Company history

Baptista was founded in 1984. In 2011, it was acquired by two Belgian chocolate enthusiasts and specialists: Bart Dero and Michael Gijselaar. Chocolate has no secrets for them and each, in their own way, has made their mark in this sector. The duo has given the company a new lease of life, while anchoring it in its traditions. The most successful products have been refined, new products created and the range expanded. The result is a great balance between authenticity and novelty.

Added Value

The strength of our business is based on creativity, its innovative character, and subcontracting for renowned chocolatiers and “private label” manufacturers. Our production facilities enable us to produce many applications to very short deadlines in response to continually developing market requirements.

Product range - Services / Brands / Markets

This line exists out of a wide range of decorating options, from crystallised rose petals to apple pieces infused with cinnamon or caramelized sesame seeds.

A new range of “mendiants” and “mini-mendiants” cakes.

We are always listening and working together with our customers for the development of new products and concepts.

We export our products worldwide.

Your partner for new, innovative chocolate concepts.


BAPTISTA CHOCOLATES SA is ISO certified and we are moving towards BRC certification.