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Rue des Rubaniers, 1
Phone: 32-(0)57460200
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Company history

The company Poppies saw the light of day in 1976 following the merger of two families – Luc & Monique Popelier and Frans & Roos Castelein (both already traditional biscuit makers). In 1977, they launched the industrial production of biscuits and pastries in Moorslede.
In 1990, a milestone was reached when a new site was set up in Zonnebeke to create frozen pastries that continued to bear the hallmark of the Popelier traditional bakery.
In 1995, the range of biscuits continued to grow on the site called "Délices de Comines" which gradually became a site highly specialised in the production of the famous crunchy wrapped biscuits, or "cigarettes" as well as products made from coconut.

Added Value

Since 1935, DELICES DE COMINES has specialised in the production of biscuits and pastries made the traditional way.

Product range - Services / Brands / Markets

Traditional Range :

- Sugar glazed puff pastry and jam filled pastry (Twists, Mini-Coeur de Flandres, jam squares and apple squares),

- Pretzels (crakini, crakichoc)

- Crispy cigarettes (Popiroll, Duo Rolls)

- Speculoos (Caramelito), coconut macaroons (Fiammette, Cocolito, Creola, Maxi Macaroons, Marimba, Colombo)

- Almond Cakes (Amandy)

- Filled waffles (Rita) and brownies (gluten free).

Frozen range (thawed only) :

(mini) éclairs, low calorie éclairs, (mini) crème slices, choux pastries

(with or without chocolate sauce), ice cream profiteroles, chocolate hazelnut cream puffs (Choc'oNut) and assortments (Finest Pastry Selection, Petits Fours). In addition, we have a very varied range of (mini) beignets and (mini) donuts (party mini donuts) and mousses.

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DELICES DE COMINES-POPPIES proudly continues the craft tradition that began in 1935. Year after year we have obtained the BRC level A and IFS higher level certificates.