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Phone: 32-(0)81848585
Email: hello@soseve.com

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32, Rue Ernest Matagne
Phone: 32-(0)81848585
Fax :32-(0)81848986
Email: hello@soseve.be
Website: www.soseve.be

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Organic: Certisys BE-BIO-01. Nature & Progrès.

Activities, products and brands

Sosève is a natural, pure and organic birch sap tapped in a traditional way in the heart of the Belgian protected woods. Since our birch sap is not pasteurised, it is a 100% living drink, known for its detoxifying properties. Get the best of nature and treat yourself to a refreshing and healthy beverage full of natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals!

New products and innovations

Sosève + 5 buds: we have added extracts of 5 buds to our pure and fresh birch sap resulting in a subtle vegetal flavor beverage, combining the benfits of birch sap and buds!