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Export Manager

Contact details

Zoning de Tyberchamps, 4
Phone: 32-(0)64846110
Fax :32-(0)64846111

company profile

Company history

BAKBEL EUROPE is located in Belgium, the heart of Europe, not far from the French border. It started business in 2007 on the initiative of its shareholder, specialised in bakery/pastry ingredients. This major investment enabled BAKBEL EUROPE to acquire new advanced facilities for supplying high quality pastry ingredients to local customers and, to an extent, caterers.

An initial range mainly composed of fruit fillings, glazes and compound flavourings was developed during the first stage of R&D. A second phase followed in response to specific market and customer requirements.

Now, BAKBEL is proud to present a large range of high quality and innovative products.

Added Value

High quality Raw Ingredients and a quality controlled Manufacturing Process,

Compliance with HACCP/BRC quality regulations, Kosher and Halal certificates,

Creation of “made to measure” products for customers and many luxury pastry products,

Sales and delivery of our products worldwide from our warehouse,

Specialised commercial documentation including detailed technical usage guides.

Product range - Services / Brands / Markets

- Fruitfilling Tradition Apple (range of premium fruit fillings containing 90% fruit)

- Mirror Glaze Deluxe (luxury cold glazing, ready to use, exceptional appearance and shine)

- Mirror Glaze Deluxe total covering Chocolate (NEW!) availability – per direct

- Mirror Cover Glaze Deluxe (luxury cold glazing for full covering)

- Spray Glaze (ready to use spray glazing, no need to add water, compatible with spray machines)

- Fruitfilling Deluxe & Classic (range of fruit preparations available with 70% and 50% fruit content)

- Stabilized Fruit Puree (stabilized fruit purée for producing high quality mousses)

- Compounds (range of compound flavourings and colourings)

- Concentrate Glaze Classic (luxury range of hot process glazes)

- Bakery Jam Classic & Fruit Spread (range of premium quality classic jams, spreadable or piped)

- Bakery Jam Deluxe (unique and innovative range of jams with fruit pieces)

Main references

Patisseries, luxury bakeries, hotels, in-flight catering, etc.